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Japanese author Osamu Dazai said, “The bloom of youth is also marked by fretfulness and loneliness. I don’t know how to deal with it. It is definitely torturous.”

A wandering mind, excruciating loneliness, the struggle of letting go……With wind being the only companion, the wanderer is stuck in a loop of emotions on his journey to find a place to call home.


Choreographer: Kelvin Mak Cheuk Hung

Date: 2-3/7/2022

Venue: Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Auditorium, Hong Kong

Kelvin Mak Cheuk Hung, Poon Chun Ho, Charlie Leung Shun Yin, Jack Wong Yiu Kuen, Marco Chiu Ka Chun, Rain Chan Pak Hin, Peggy Chow Pak Yin, Rosalie Ng Hei Wai, Karina Chan Hau Yin, Valarie Wong Yiu, Rhyn Cheung Wai Yin, Venus Lam Yan Tung, Leung Wing Kiu

Lighting Designer
Cal Ho Fu Lung

Set and Costume Designer
Matthieu Chu

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