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As Mencius’ saying goes, “I like life and I like righteousness. If I have to choose between them, I will let go of life and take righteousness.”

Is self-sacrifice chosen or autonomous?


Choreographers: Kelvin Mak Cheuk Hung, Charlie Leung Shun Yin

Date: 22-24/7/2022

Venue: Beyond Dance Theater Studio

Rehearsal Director
Poon Chun Ho


Valarie Wong Yiu, Karina Chan Hau Ying, Venus Lam, Leung Wing Kiu, Rhyn Cheung, Nigel Ng Chun Tung, Choy Wing Man, Annie Lam Hoi Ling, Cherrie Chow Tsz Yi, Tong Ching Sum

Lighting Designer
Cal Ho Fu Lung

Set and Costume Designer
Matthieu Chu

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