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In 1941, the Japanese army was on the brink of invading Hong Kong.

The flames of war were raging. To run or to stay? To fight or to surrender?

A youngster broke off from his family in order to join the war; 

A ganglord sided with the Japanese army and called himself a patriot; 

The British staff officer and commander had reach a military dissent;

All the while, Canadian soldiers wished only to live and see another day.

Artilleries and guns destroyed more than just bricks and walls.

What stood till the end after the brutality of war had set in upon Hong Kong?

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Director: Poon Chun Ho

Date: 23-25/12/2022

Venue: Beyond Dance Theater Studio

Director: Poon Chun Ho

Playwright: Marcus Au


Poon Chun Ho, Kelvin Mak Cheuk Hung, Peggy Chow Pak Yin, Jack Wong Yiu Kuen, Rosalie Ng Hei Wai, Karina Chan Hau Ying, Rhyn Cheung, Cherrie Chow Tsz Yi, Chabi Ng Ka Ying


Assistant to director:  Annie Lam Hoi Ling

Lighting design: Light Q Go

Costume design : Matthieu Chu

Stage manager : Charlie Leung Shun Yin

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